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What is the cheat code?

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I don't get how to get the Ursus job? It's extremely difficult to increase all of muscles, anal top, oral top, anal bottom, and oral bottom when you don't have a job. Like, you definitely can, but it costs money and you don't have a job... so... it's difficult. You also can't get a second chance even though there is a link for it. The link just does nothing.

EDIT: Ok, well it's not actually that difficult if you know the requirements ahead of time. It just takes a long time if you need to catch up on reqs while in the middle of trying to get the job.

Firstly, I like the game.

What about a romance with the head of the computer company? You could also include a job option to work there.  as an alternative, perhaps working at the computer shop in the mall.   Perhaps you already have that in mind, it is just a suggestion.  

Is it also possible to have a romance with Luke somehow?

Also, do you plan to have the bar as a visitable place in future releases? Maybe a job there?

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What's the name of the actor for option 21 on the character profile(blonde haired guy with beard) and the name of the guy thats named Dalton Johnson . actually if its not to much trouble could you make a separate sheet with the names of all the actors playing the roles of the guys in the game?

Dalton Johnson is Zak Spears

can i have other jobs besides JCS?

is there a way to start to romances after you friendzone them for the first time? I wanted to keep my options open so I friendzoned them both and now I wanna try the romance route with one of them


(SPOILER ALERT) Whenever I try to have the romance at 100, this scene appears and rejects me, ¿how do I follow the story without Dalton rejecting me?


Ok, this is a spoiler, I'll put the answer below

Dalton will reject you no matter what you do on Malcolm's house. Now, If you kiss him, you'll notice that the romance went up. That's your clue to know that he still cares for you. If my memory doesn't fail me, you should have 80 romance with him if you were successful on the restaurant date and kiss him after Malcolm's dinner. You'll get the good ending.

In case you want the bad ending, you should fail either at the restaurant date, or refuse to do anything at the end of Malcolm's dinner.

Loving the game and storyline! quick question, will there ever be an opion to ask Mark to stop taking the pill?


Heh... I see where you're going with that, male preg is hot. I have a FtM LI planned (not Mark though), and I can go this route with him. Unfortunately, I have some storylines planned before that.

when is the next update 

Wow! This is great! Looking forward to the next version! Just one comment: I got to prison and on the day of release, there were no options to click in order to leave the conversation with the guard before getting your stuff back.

can anyone tell me the cheat password?

The cheat password is ursus


thank you!

i tryed ursus it saying it worng password


Wow, I never tested on a device like that, in android, I tested it using joiplay. I have the instructions for it on the download section.

thanks and sorry I didn't notice there was an instruction 


Great game! Looking forward to the updates <3

Thank you <3

You need some work on your branding title sprock because when I first essentially saw the title I thought we were going to play as a talking bear trying to get into human female cheeks but not going to lie I wouldn't be even more impressed if that was the game it would actually be funny go around as a talking grizzly bear try convince human beings that were just a guy that likes to dress up in a bear suit

Spoiler question below:

Is it possible for the MC to "win" in the BDSM battle during the governor's party in the JCS storyline? I retried it until I full cleared it (I didn't lose any will and the other person completely lost theirs) but I still had the attitude shift and "lost" my will. I get that it may be integral to the storyline, but if it is I'd say just don't make it a minigame with health bars, just have the text.

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Ok, to answer the question

That battle is to protect your mind and save your life, if you lose the battle, your mind will be destroyed completely without any chance to recovery and you would fall into SCS hands.

You may see the effect of the will lost as losing, but that actually made the MC to get through this. What Max does on that evening was reckless and totally stupid, risking the MC's mind completely. Anyone else would have lost it (he was intending to do this to Luke instead of the MC)

But I agree it could have been an standard sex encounter, since the mechanic of that mission was already different. Heh, I guess I made it more difficult than I should have. I'm noting this feedback for the Ursus storyline I'm doing.


Fair and well explained. I don't think I've ever actually "lost" that fight to see what the true lose condition is, so the win condition still seemed like losing.

Does firefox block the web storage api now?

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As far as I know, no. Firefox is my default navigator and I don't have any issues, neither with the saved games, or the gallery.

There was an old bug, with one of the updates (0.20) where I named it differently by mistake (index.html instead of the correct name Index.html) If you had a save with a different named file, and you try to load up another, it will say about the Web Storage API. There are two ways to fix it: One is clearing cache/cookies of the browser which is... not ideal)

The other one, is to load the old html file (if you revert back to the last version that worked for you you should be able to load the game). When you're inside the game, erase EVERY SAVE on the list (you can load up your most recent, and save him to a external file. That's fine, you can load it up later) and then coming back to the latest version, and there you have it.

Another easier solution would be to switch to Chrome, Edge or Opera.

I think there's an issue with images not displaying? Some things will work, like looking in the porn folder, but others, specifically random encounters or sex scenes, only show their text. I have played this game before (although I always reset it), so I know that the scenes should appear. Really the only part I got to before I made this comment was Wade's restroom orgy, but none of the media displayed. Is this an issue on my end?

On the online version, they aren't working. However, the offline version works. It's a limitation on the number of files that itch allows, and let's just say the game have a lot.

I'm working on a solution for this, but mean while I suggest you to download the offline version.




I never thought I would find a game and get addicted to it this fast,

My only complaints, (although they aren’t really complaints, more comments) is whether or not you plan on adding more BDSM content with Dalton? Other than that, it’s a good game and I’m excited to see more updates!

Hi Alissa! I'm not planning to add more BDSM for Dalton for the moment. The most BDSM one is on the date at the bar, when they get down to the dungeon. If you haven't seen it yet, drop a message here (but you can also find it on game's help).

I'm not discarding more scenes with him on other storylines, but I have my hands full at the moment. Yeah, I know, it's not the answer you expected. Dalton is one of my all-time favorite characters there :(

No, I don’t mind, it’s not fair for you to change the whole story for one thing, but another thing I would like to say as a suggestion, for the part where they all have dinner, and Mack tries to convert Ryan, for the bad ending could you possibly add a trigger warning for the su—ide? It was a bit, alarming 

Also, sorry for all the questions, is it possible to get back together with Dalton after the whole SCS thing?

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Whoa whoa, let's start slowly.

1) I'll consider it, but that part is more like a game over screen. The true bad ending happens if you fail Dalton's romance, and there is way more content after the dinner. Let me give you a tip: By the time you get to the infamous initiation test on SCS, if you have 80 on romance points, you'll get the good ending. Otherwise you'll get the bad ending.

2) After all the SCS thing, if your romance is over 80... you might get what you want. Remember, when I say good ending, I really mean it.

I can't be more specific here because spoilers but everything is listed on the JCS part of the help section, there you'll find how to get the good ending with Dalton.

I know it’s a game over screen, quite literally, but it’s a bit alarming is all, and the other thing is, I had at least 90 romance with Dalton, but nothing showed up,

Hello I want to ask how I can increase friendship level with Luke so I can start relationship with Dalton? Since the only time I can increase it after the government job

Dalton scene is so hot . Is Dalton Jhonson a fake name ? I tried to find him on internet but it's not him. Can I have his real name ?

when i try to join discord it says unable to accept invite. what should i do?

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Try this one. I'm gonna update the in-game discord link with this.

HG2 Discord Server


I'm having trouble getting employed at JCS. The problem is that I went to the job interview before I had 10 points in the cleaning skill.

Although I didn't get the job, I was told I could try again. But when I try to apply online at, the entry for JCS is "J Cleaning Services Inc. (Application sent)". And it's unclickable,  so I can't re-apply online. I also tried going to their HQ, but the only option there was "I'm gonna go outside".

Is this a bug?  Or is there some way to get the job that I'm just overlooking?

I can't install the game after downloading the file 🥲

The game does not need to install, just run Index.html file after you unzip the Grizzly Grove folder from the zip file. I recommend using firefox or chrome.

Help i cant play/run the game. I downloaded  the  game because of the "problem" with not being able to load in the s*x scenes. But when I extract the game(thats what i always do) only the images appear  like there's no app to play if that make sense?(sorry for the bad english) 

After you extract the file, you should see the Index.html file  (There are three folders. media, Lib and fonts and a file named Index.html). Your browser will open the game. Assuming you're on windows/linux, I recommend you firefox or chrome.

Will this also work on android?

On Android... it's a bit more complicated but yes, it can run. In order to do so you need the rar app (or any app that can unzip files) and joiplay (both of them are on the play store). After you download the .zip file from here, open it and unzip it. Please note the directory where you unzip them. Then, open the joiplay app, push the "+" symbol and find the game's folder, and open the .html. There are more detailed instructions on the "Download and install instructions" section when you download the .zip file here

thank you 

Have a error in the photo icon the photo that i choose i time ago dont appears

hmmm, maybe that is caused by the change on the online version. Sadly, older saves probably won't work after I made the change some time ago. The only solution would be starting a new game. I would recommend to use the offline version though, until I get an online host. Sorry for the inconveniences

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hey is there going to be any incest story line in this game? i mean you almost cut all incest character. only uncle available. it basically on dilf. 

No, I don't have planned incest on this game.

So I just installed the update, but it still says 0.20c. I'm not sure if it's supposed to be a new version?

0.20c is the latest version, the next one, 0.21, will drop soon.

hey how do you not lose at governors house event

I guess you're talking about the lvl 2 mission at the governor's house.

First, to start dalton's romance, you need to find Luke before 5 turns and having 50 of friendship of him. If you don't meet these requirements, the romance won't start.

In the battle, these are the skills you need: Oral Top, Oral Bottom, Perversion, muscle, kink bottom and anal bottom. If your stats are low, you might lose the battle (there's a bit of luck involved even if your stats are high, as every battle in the game).

Ok thought i had to get an item or something, ill just grind stats


This has quickly become one of the best gay games out there, the story is excellent and the game mechanics are very engaging,

Personally I loved the scene with Max mind-fucking the MC at the governor's mansion.  Will the drug be used again, possibly in a gang storyline or something?

Luke is also such a cute character,  some content with him if the player becomes his stepdaddy would be hot.

Thank you for your kind words. There will be other storylines in the future, stay tuned.

Unfortunately, that drug is only used by Max's boss organization, and you can only fight him directly at JCS storyline... but we'll have a gang storyline, and since Max boss won't be dealt away directly on the other storylines, his drug will make another appearance annoying you to no end.

I never thought about the stepdad thing with Luke... but nah, too complicated, it happens too late in the story and you know what kink I'm skipping on purpose here.


This game is really awesome . I hope next update come fast. though i have few question-

1.Is there any chance to get luke jhonson as a love interest in future?

2.there is a guy named 'sylas' in players information, how can i get his point?can't find him anywhere.

3.can we access inventory in future? 

I'm happy to read that you like the game! To answer your questions:

1) No, he isn't planned as a love interest.

2) Sylas is the uncle. You can't find him because he doesn't live in Grizzly Grove. Initially, I planned that the MC could call him, and raise their friendship with a special bonus at the end... but I had to discard that. I may have to remove him from that list in the future

3) There is already an inventory button on the left menu, right under the character info button. There you can see what items and equipment you have.


Absolutely love this - ended up staying awake all night playing this 12 hours straight! How about expanding the Dalton love story to be a slave to him and his son :) ?


I'm glad you like it! unfortunately I don't have plans for Dalton, but there will be a sub focused BDSM storyline. But it will be with a different master.


.....possessed monkey. a possessed FUCKING MONKEY. i thought this couldnt get any better and it did. thank you Rafster.

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Fun fact: It's based on the first terror movie I saw on my childood: The devil's gift. It's a cheesy and cringy movie, but it did scare me when I was a child.


i had to restart and completely forgot Dalton's last name was johnson and made my character's last name Johnson. LMFAO

The last level of JCS will be really strange with that last name XD . Hmm, I should do a check with names... but honestly I prefer the players have the choice.

i agree, allows people to make fun little mishaps like mine lol

Have you decided yet which jobline you're working on next?

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It's up for the patreons to decide. There are two options. Both of them are located on Ursus Inc, Mack's business.

A prostitution path (Love interest: Mack Williams). This is more centered on the job of sex worker.

Dom Porn Star jobline (Love Interest: Julian Dawson): Here you'll be a porn actor on top/dom roles. The love interest here is a rebel sub, Julian.

There is more info on a public post on my patreon. Later in the weekend I'll also post about it here.

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Did you miss the encounter with Dalton at the next day of moving in? that happens if you miss him

I don't understand a lot how to get my first job.. All the skills seem to have been pumped, but they do not give work

The only job storyline at the moment, is JCS. To join, get on the PC, web broser, jobseekers . then you can apply for an interview the next day

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